Due to receiving hundreds of emails from past customers I decided not only was it a good move given the recent events where people are struggling to keep their health in order, but it was also the right thing to do! Please see our latest articles on Using Colloidal Silver to protect against the Corona Virus and our latest comparisons of Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver.

We still had all of our equipment which enables us to make a large quantity of colloidal silver around the clock.

chris lewis

I have been away from running this company for the past five years; I always enjoyed starting this business and enjoyed running it till the day we stopped production, however, my real passion is engineering and I had a large project to undertake with an old friend, and five years ago we did well with producing Colloidal Silver, but we seemed to be at a glass ceiling and even though silver has been used as a natural antibiotic for 3000 years, not that many people knew about it.

In fact, five years ago the average person seemed more interested in following trends set by “reality” TV stars on their social media accounts than trying out cutting edge health products.

Vladimir bruce

What has Changed?

I always took the attitude that Ionic Silver was inferior to Colloidal Silver, and had no interest in selling it; however, my opinion has changed a lot now. I am not saying that Ionic Silver is better than Colloidal Silver, it’s different and I use both. I have experienced when I was feeling really ill with the flu that Ionic Silver seemed to be faster acting and a lot easier on the stomach.

Anyway, we are cooking on gas now! Please check out our {ARTICLES ON BLA BLA BLA}, our products page and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at our Contact Us Page!

Christopher Lewis