London Colloidal Silver has been in business since 2002; we pride ourselves in providing the best-quality Colloidal Silver and being the best priced.

Our Colloidal Silver is produced at our premises in West London. We sell Colloidal Silver 12 ppm in 1000 and 500 ml bottles. We also produce a Colloidal Silver Spray in 30 ml and a 30 ppm500 ml Spray refill.

We now have Ionic Silver (which I prefer now) which is the same price, and to help you make up your minds if you are not sure which you prefer we now offer sample size pack of both for our new customers.

We take serious pride in our product and as shown we have a vast information page; click on Product Info to see. If you have any enquiries you are more than welcome to contact us through our contact page and we will be only more than happy to help.

London Colloidal Silver deliver all over the world at great prices and all UK postage is free.