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Colloidal Silver sold by Dustin Nemos QAnon “Grifter”

A QAnon “scammer” was selling colloidal silver as an alleged treatment and cure for coronavirus.

The Dustin Nemos RedPill Living shop is no longer online after Media Matters contacted the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Colloidal Silver Red Pill Living Nemos

Who is Dustin Nemos?

Dustin Nemos, who … Read the rest


In Our Previous Article we looked into the COVID-19 SCAM

It has been established that 5g can trigger exosomes and that we have determined that Exosomes are now being identified as “COVID-19”, fear, and stress can generate chemical changes in … Read the rest

COVID-19 Scam Test Destroyed By Well Renouned Doctor!

There’s been a lot of controversy over Coronavirus/COVID-19 and what are the causes. We have given our advice on using Colloidal Silver for COVID and the article on Colloidal Silver Used against SARS.

Now we are getting a lot … Read the rest

Will Colloidal Silver Kill Good Bacteria?

“The question is,” how can silver destroy harmful bacteria and yet selectively save good bacteria? “

Chris lewis

“The question is,” how can silver destroy harmful bacteria and yet selectively save good bacteria?” In other words, because Colloidal Silver kills … Read the rest

Colloidal Silver and the truth about Particle Size

Information on

Read the rest

Colloidal Silver Advice for the Corona Virus

The rapid spread of the virus causing COVID-19 has raised the alarm world-wide. The World Health Organization; has declared the corona-virus epidemic to be rapidly spreading a pandemic, and many countries are facing an increase in confirmed cases. In the … Read the rest

Can Colloidal Silver Kill the SARS Virus?

Again I will have to start this blog post as a disclaimer, this is not medical advice and I am not allowed to claim that Colloidal Silver can cure the COVID-19, SARS, MERS or any other form of Coronavirus. … Read the rest

Colloidal Silver vs Ionic Silver

When we started out producing Colloidal Silver back in the early 2000s, we only produced Colloidal Silver, and strangely until we stopped trading temporarily in 2015 still didn’t look into it. We found they both worked, and none of our … Read the rest

Can Colloidal Silver cure the Coronavirus?

Now I have to be very careful here, as many people who are claiming it is effective are being sued or having some sort of legal action taken against them.

So I am going to present some facts about what … Read the rest

Can taking Colloidal Silver turn you blue?

If you research Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver on the internet, sooner or later you will see Paul Karason aka “The Blue Man”. He was given this name by the media for fairly obvious reasons.

It was claimed that he … Read the rest

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