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Is the establishment media finally recognising alternative medicines like Colloidal Silver?

I was very surprised to get a call from a close friend who had read an article in The Sun newspaper which claimed that silver was feasible alternative cancer treatment. He gave me the headline ‘Silver safer than chemotherapy and … Read the rest

What is Colloidal Gold?

Another question I am getting asked frequently is about Colloidal Gold and if it has health benefits like Colloidal Silver. Well, the answer is no; however, I will explain further as to why Colloidal Gold has not got health … Read the rest

What is Colloidal Silver Used For?

When was colloidal silver first used?

Colloidal Silver Use has been characterized in the last hundred years by physicians treating every known bacterial driven disease from acne to yeast infection until the début of Penicillin. Antibiotics took the lead in … Read the rest

Colloidal Silver for Dogs?

Just over a month ago, our dog Gaffer came down very sick. I saw him outside, struggling to go to the toilet. When he came inside, he was strolling and didn’t seem himself. Over the next hour he just got … Read the rest

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