Again I will have to start this blog post as a disclaimer, this is not medical advice and I am not allowed to claim that Colloidal Silver can cure the COVID-19, SARS, MERS or any other form of Coronavirus. However, I am going to present some facts (I have made a point of citing the claims) so you can think and decide for yourself.

Something which does show the significance of Silver ions and colloidal silver is that a Silver Compound was used in Counter-tops to Eliminates SARS Virus. Scientists studied one of the most feared viruses was and still is the SARS coronavirus. This upper respiratory infection causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, leading to death in a large number of cases.

It was found that while SARS spreads through the usual routes, such as the air-borne route caused by sneezing and coughing.

A large percentage of infections caused by SARS is caused when the virus lands on a counter-top and sits there, waiting for someone to come by and touch that counter-top, then transfer the virus to their mouth, ears, eyes or nose.

Perstorp, a Swedish company, based in Italy, produces a special polymer from where counter-tops are made. What makes the Perstorp counter-top unique is that it uses tiny nano-silver particles which are impregnated into the polymer.

Upon human contact; the silver-impregnated polymer emits silver-ions. This polymer was developed for use with products such as doorknobs, toilet-seats and other contact surfaces.

According to news reports, the silver compound was tested successfully by the Chinese Centre for Disease Control against the SARS virus (which let’s not forget is a Coronavirus), has a keen interest in public safety due to the numerous outbreaks of SARS over the past few years in China.

Zhang Panhe, a professor at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in China, recently made a statement, “We tested the compound against a 4 hour, 8 hours, and 24 hour exposure period and found that there were no surviving SARS virus within 24-hours of exposure to the polymer.”

In other words, when the polymer was deliberately contaminated with the SARS virus, it killed the virus within 4 hours and killed all SARS viruses on the surface in under 24 hours.

This particular silver polymer is now in use in many laboratories, hospitals, and medical research facilities throughout China.

Also, many variations of silver-impregnated polymers are used in similar medical-related establishments around the world, to help stop the spread of potentially deadly viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.

As explained in our other article, we cannot give medical advice and you should always consult your Doctor.

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