Just over a month ago, our dog Gaffer came down very sick. I saw him outside, struggling to go to the toilet. When he came inside, he was strolling and didn’t seem himself. Over the next hour he just got worse he could hardly walk and then he wasn’t moving, he was laying there.

I got anxious about Gaffer and decided to give him some colloidal silver. I got a nasal spray bottle and used it to squirt colloidal silver in his mouth. I did that every half an hour for 2 hours after that time he got up walked outside and was able to go to the toilet fine, but was a bit gastric. I now assumed he had had an upset stomach; he was feeling very hot to touch.

I continued with colloidal silver every hour, and now he was happy for us to give more significant doses; I took the top of the nasal spray bottle and used the small bottle to tip some in his mouth.

After 4 hours, we went down to every 2 hours of Colloidal-Silver doses. By that night he was a lot more himself and doing his usual bark/talk ( Gaffer is quite vocal in the way he talks to us) type he does to say hey I’m hungry. He ate dinner but then went and slept the whole night. The next day he was his usual happy self again as if nothing had happened.
If you are buying colloidal silver from us and you have a dog or pet that you may have to give colloidal silver liquid to at some stage, I hope this can be of use to you. My pets are very dear to me, and I know that on the weekend I got a real scare with Gaffer and I am thankful that I had the colloidal silver for him to take.

P.S. Before you make any comments about Gaffer; he is an Irish Blue Staffordshire – He was this colour before taking Colloidal Silver 😛