A QAnon “scammer” was selling colloidal silver as an alleged treatment and cure for coronavirus.

The Dustin Nemos RedPill Living shop is no longer online after Media Matters contacted the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Colloidal Silver Red Pill Living Nemos

Who is Dustin Nemos?

Dustin Nemos, who according to the mainstream media was a conspiracy theorist and “swindler” who co-wrote a successful book QAnon; they said he was taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic by selling colloidal silver as an alleged treatment and cure through a Shopify store, which is no longer online after Media Matters put pressure on Shopify, the e-commerce platform.

Many people, including ourselves, have been accused of attempted to profit from the coronavirus pandemic by selling colloidal silver as a prevention and cure for COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health explains that “colloidal silver is made up of tiny silver particles in a liquid that is sometimes promoted as a food supplement on the Internet. However, the evidence is lacking to support health claims. Colloidal silver can be dangerous to health. “

We have many articles in our blog section which demonstrate how effective colloidal silver is including

Nemos was one of 14 people who co-wrote the book QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening, which became a bestseller on Amazon last year.

What is QAnon?

QAnon is wrongly accused of being a conspiracy theory linked to violence that essentially states that President Donald Trump is secretly working behind the scenes to bring down the alleged “deep state”, an alleged cabal of high-ranking officials operating on paedophile rings.

Nemos operates the Nemos News Network website, which is not surprising that it pushes conspiracy theories about the pandemic. Its YouTube channel, which currently has over 98,000 subscribers, features numerous videos on conspiracy theory regarding QAnon and COVID-19. Last year he opened the RedPill Living supplement site.

RedPill Living featured a “super concentrate” of colloidal silver, sold for $ 22.95 for 1 fluid ounce or $ 43.95 for 4 fluid ounces.

A product description published on both dimensions stated that “there are several medical and health-related uses for silver” and “colloidal silver can be VERY favourable for” various ailments, including the “coronavirus” .”
RedPill Living’s claims about its colloidal silver

The commercial site also featured an information page on colloidal silver which erroneously claimed that it is the “undisputed cure for MRSA and other deadly pathogenic microorganisms.”

In recent weeks, Nemos has tweeted that colloidal silver works against viruses, including in response to the president:

Media Matters contacted Shopify on the site, and a spokesperson replied:

Stores that list medical products or that present medical claims must be proven by our merchants and failure to comply will result in the suspension or termination of the account. False or misleading promotion of the listed products is a violation of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and not aligned with our mission of making commerce better for everyone. Our teams continue to review COVID-19’s products and businesses actively, and stores that violate our policies will be immediately closed. We have closed over 5,000 stores in our COVID-19 reviews in recent weeks. We follow developments related to COVID-19 closely, and the trust of our merchants and their customers remains our top priority.

media matters

The RedPill Living shop is no longer active.

Summary, Our Thoughts on Red Pill Supplements:

From what we can see, Nemos had done nothing wrong, none of his claims are wrong, and he seemed to be selling ethical products. The only thing we would claim to do better than his Red Pill Store is that we provide better value. We focus on more competitive pricing and being better organised with sourcing the most cost-effective shipping solutions for our products.

This should be a lesson to anyone who wishes to operate a Shopify Store, or using any proprietary platform like Shopify or Square Space. You do not own your content or your business, or at the very least, your legal rights are highly compromised when you use a proprietary platform. Now it is not always possible to operate outside companies such as Shopify, however, if you can avoid using them, then do so; or at least have some backup plan.

We use WordPress which could in some ways be compromised, however, it is convenient and allows for a decent amount of freedom. As a web developer, I would build my eCommerce platform if it was shut down; however, I feel it is unlikely.

We also have Cryptocurrency payments set up to allow for receiving payments outside proprietary platforms such as PayPal, Visa Mastercard etc. Because the platform you use to host your store doesn’t close you down another angle of attack for interlopers to use is to harass the payment gateway providers you use.

As cryptocurrencies increase in popularity, these unfair methods of attack will be less prevalent. For now, we should all make an effort to accept cryptocurrencies as payment regardless of whether or not the product is controversial or not.

I hope this has been of use to you readers, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.