When we started out producing Colloidal Silver back in the early 2000s, we only produced Colloidal Silver, and strangely until we stopped trading temporarily in 2015 still didn’t look into it. We found they both worked, and none of our customers requested Ionic silver, and we had no complaints, so decided that it didn’t matter.

Recently I had used Ionic Silver, and I was impressed with the fact that it tasted so much better and was able to take it in large quantities when I felt ill.

The essential thing in this experience saw the effectiveness was just as good if not better than colloidal silver. For these reasons alone I am going to be selling Ionic Silver.

What is the difference between Ionic and Colloidal Silver?

Despite what has been said on the internet, both metallic silver suspensions and ionic silver suspensions are ‘colloidal silver.’ After all, they are both made up of small silver particles suspended homogeneously and indefinitely in a liquid solution.

The big difference between the two is that the colloidal silver metal form is made up of small bare metallic particles of elemental silver. In contrast, the colloidal silver ionic form is made up of small positively charged molecular or atomic silver particles that have been released. 

Both are “colloids”, with the bare metal elemental silver suspension being a metallic colloid, and the ionic silver suspension being a colloidal electrolyte (due to electrically charged silver molecular and atomic particles).

Chris lewis

This is why both metallic and ionic forms have been universally called “colloidal silver” for the past 100 years, until recently, when providers of the metallic way began to claim that only theirs could be called a ” true colloid. ” It is a great marketing trick. But scientifically speaking, the claim is a sham.

Metallic silver suspensions are colloid. And ionic silver suspensions are colloids. Again, one is a colloidal suspension of small metallic silver particles. And one is a colloidal suspension of small electrically charged silver ionic particles, like those found naturally in edible plants.

Now, this is the crucial distinction you must understand.

They are the small submicroscopic silver ions (that is, positively charged atoms or silver molecules) that give ALL forms of colloidal silver their infection-fighting properties.

ALL reputable experts agree that silver ions are the biologically active silver “species” that fights infection. In contrast, bare metal elemental silver particles have almost no infection-fighting qualities of their own. Except to the extent, that they release silver ions when they come in contact with acidic body fluids or highly oxygenated body tissues.

Which one is more effective?

Now years ago I would have said there was no difference, however, from my own experiences now and the further research we have done I would say that Ionic Silver is more effective and is the better choice. This doesn’t mean that I am right though, anyone who owns a business knows that it is the customer who is always right.

This is why we’re offering both, they are both excellent choices, and there are still people who prefer Colloidal Silver over Ionic Silver. I hope this article helps your decision making if you cannot make up your mind then why not try our combination pack, which has both. Then you can decide for yourself by seeing which one works best for you.

We hope this article helps. If you have any further questions or have any other suggestions for us to write articles on then Please feel free to Contact Us!