There’s been a lot of controversy over Coronavirus/COVID-19 and what are the causes. We have given our advice on using Colloidal Silver for COVID and the article on Colloidal Silver Used against SARS.

Now we are getting a lot of messages from people asking about whether or not 5G causes COVID? We have looked into this a lot over the last week and hope to have some information which will

a) Inform you of the likelihood of this and

b) If you feel the evidence does have you questioning the safety of 5G; hat YOU can do about it?

Dr Andrew Kaufman Destroys The Mainstream Medias Theory!

Dr Kaufman, a doctor from the United States, in New York State. Talks about the fact that COVID-19 does not even exist, now this seems crazy? Well Dr Kaufman, points out that when 200 people fell ill in Wuhan, only seven people were initially tested.

Of the people tested fluid was taken from the lung and found genetic material, which can be caused by a massive list of things. The Chinese authorities, however, decided to take it upon themselves to diagnose it as a virus without isolating the virus. People were being diagnosed by using a PCR test which by the admission of its inventor is not accurate, and was confirmed to be inaccurate even by the government standards.
The PCR tests do not check for the virus, just genetic material which can be presented by dozens of problems which are not severe, certainly not life-threatening and are present in most people.

A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures

As Dr Kaufmen points out, a test was created for something which had not even been identified. The result of this has been that many people have been tested positive for something entirely unrelated to COVID-19!

Is China Really the Problem?

This reinforces the opinion that the problem in China is no longer an issue and everything is business as usual for them. Also, it explains why the death rate has not changed since the apparent “COVID-19” crisis. But rest assured, there will be many people who have died of unrelated illnesses have the COVID-19 on their death certificate.

So according to many specialists including Dr Kaufman, have said that the test and testing for the flu-like symptoms are the real scams here and the whole idea of COVID-19 is a farce.

Dr Kaufman also talked about Exosomes, which when cells are toxic they secrete something called Exosomes which are our natural defence mechanism.

As you can see from the above photo, the microscopic slides show us that COVID-19 and Exosomes are identical. This he goes to say, that natural immune system response, the release of exosomes are turned into a “COVID-19” virus which is claimed to be deadly.

Covid 19 Exosomes Table
As you can see, the previous photo was no guess-work.

Dr Andrew Kaufman is not the Only Doctor Disagreeing with What the News is telling us!

The Previous photo was not just mere speculation, Exosomes and “COVID-19”, have an identical cell structure and dimensions, identical receptor and are both found in Bronchoalveolar fluid!

‘The virus is entirely an exosome in every sense of the word!’

james hildreth, md

A quote from James Hildreth, MD. President and CEO of Meharry Medical College at Johns Hopkins who was also a researcher of HIV. Siad ‘The virus is entirely an exosome in every sense of the word!’ Viruses and saying that they can be passed on and you could catch them from a work surface, are an immune response in a body. He tells how can an immune response be passed on from one person to another when it has to be in the body to survive.

Can Colloidal Silver Treat Covid-19?

Based on the fresh evidence we have presented in this article, I feel it can if you wish to call it COVID-19. We prefer to call it EMF poisoning and Cellular malfunction. Both of these issues can be helped with the use of Colloidal Silver; especially with the use of Ionic Silver! Both of these will help you strengthen your immune system as they are a true natural antibiotic!

Could 5G Really be the Cause of “Covid”?

This can be further clarified, we implore you to look this up yourselves, but we can assure you that what you will find is that a virus can only be passed on in two ways. One as an injection, such as a vaccine and two is 5G.

Now, this is where many people are saying that this is crazy, ridiculous in-fact. But rather than just dismiss it and delete the information like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter; let’s explore this and see if it makes any sense.

The fact that Switzerland and Belgium, just two countries to name a few are saying it is unsafe, tells me that we should pay attention. Also, if the whole idea is crazy, shouldn’t it be de-bunked rather than removed, deleted, suppressed or silenced?

Are people stupid or thick to think for themselves?

We think not; let’s explore what the concerns are of 5g in our next article!

Summary of COVID-19

We are now even more confident that Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver are both great for people who are worried about the levels of sickness and the talks of this Corona-virus and COVID-19! Please share this with your friends and family and if you have any questions please don;t hesitate to Contact Us.