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What Is Colloidal Silver?

The best and from our viewpoint the ONLY process for Colloidal Silver production is electrical since it’s the only method which keeps homogeneity, minute granule size, perfect purity and stable Silver Colloid. Colloidal Silver can and I stress can be made by grinding Pure Silver but this will never produce even particle size or a fine particle solution. Silver is a transition metal in chemist literature, along with gold and copper. They are metals heavier and denser than life-giving light materials, such as sodium, potassium and calcium, however; far lighter than heavy toxic metals such as lead mercury and arsenic. Silver, Platinum and Gold are regarded as noble metals because they cannot easily react to produce compounds.

Colloidal Silver is an unrivalled Anti-biotic

Colloidal Silver; a natural antibiotic that destroys nearly all types of virus and bad fungi and bacteria is harmless to all parts of the body. While many types of antibiotic harm the kidneys and liver, Colloidal Silver promotes healing.


Colloidal Silver is non-harmful to all mammals, reptiles, plants and any living thing. One-celled life has different methods of working and chemistry which are Oxygen Metabolism. Which is its weakness? Colloidal Silver only acts catalytically; it will not create any chemical reaction with body tissue. The mere presence of Colloidal Silver to any virus, fungi or bacteria (any type of one-celled, disease-producing pathogen) will rapidly halt its oxygen metabolising enzyme, and will die within minutes, being cleared from the body by the immune systems.

Multi-Drug Resistant (M.D.R.) germs; are now at epidemic levels and are responsible for ever-growing amounts of serious infectious diseases. Silver, however, reported to effectively neutralise many hundreds of these germs, whereas an antibiotic is effective in significantly fewer, due to strains becoming resistant and immune to prescription drugs. Mainly due to millions of people misusing antibiotics. The research concludes that germs are incapable of building a resistance to a high-quality colloid of the element silver such as that made by London Colloidal Silver.
London Colloidal Silver may prove to be great alternative medicine for you; being used in preventative and/or curative medicine.

How Colloidal Silver kills Bacteria

Pathogenic bacteria become negatively charged resulting in anaerobic, and when oxidized will die. Thus, to stop oxidization, will carry an enzyme to purposely repel negatively charged oxygen. When this enzyme is disabled it will lose this negative charge, alternately if oxygen is given in such a form that it is reactive to negatively-charged pathogens, I.e. as an ozone water and/or hydrogen peroxide, the bacteria will oxidise and the reaction destroying the pathogen.
It then follows that negatively charged bacteria, and/or charged oxygen will both be attracted to binding with silver particles – (which are positive). Since a negative charge is neutralized via an electron transfer with particles of silver each can easily combine alongside the other and will oxidise the pathogen, destroying it altogether.
Not only will it end in the catalytic oxidation of the bacteria and/or another pathogen, but as almost nearly all pathogens are negative and the silver is positively charged; the silver and pathogen become attracted to each other causing inevitable interaction faster and at longer distances than expected by collision.
Aerobic bacteria which breaths oxygen, carry a positive charge which enables good bacteria to attract oxygen which is required to breathe. This would mean that aerobic bacteria wouldn’t be harmed by Colloidal Silver. Unlike using antibiotics, which damage and/or destroy beneficial enzymes; colloidal silver leaves tissue-cell enzymes in-tact, as they are different from the enzymes of single-celled lifeforms.

How Colloidal Silver works against a virus.

A single virus will invade living cells of body tissue. Resulting in the pathogen taking control over the nucleus and alter its reproductive mechanism to duplicate the virus instead of the enzyme.
The other interesting thing that happens; as the virus affects the cell for its purpose, part of the response of the cell is that it changes into a more primitive form of cell structure and chemistry. The oxygen metabolising enzyme in the cell wall also reverts. This more primitive type of enzyme is more vulnerable to Colloidal Silver. The catalyst effect of the Colloidal Silver being near the enzyme of this cell results in the enzymes being killed. It cant function to bring oxygen in the cell, and the virus-producing cell now dies. It will die within six minutes, and the body will get rid of it as it would any other of the millions of cells that end their usefulness each day.

The list below is a guideline to the conditions which have responded well to treatment with Colloidal Silver:

Abscess Gastric Flu Psoriasis
Acne Gastritis Rhinitis
Athletes Foot Gonorrhoea Ringworm
Bladder Infection Haemorrhoids Scarlet Fever
Blood Parasites Herpes Septic Throat
Blood Poisoning Impetigo Severe Skin Conditions
Boils Indigestion Shingles
Burns Infections Staphylococcus Infections
Candida Albicans Influenza Stomach Ulcer
Colitis Intestinal Troubles Streptococcus Infections
Conjunctivitis Irritation of the Bladder Syphilis
Cystitis Keratitis Throat Conditions
Dermatitis Lyme Disease Tonsillitis
Diabetic Infection Malaria Toxaemia
Dysentery Outer Ear Infections Ulcers
Eczema Parasitic Infections Viral Stomach Ulcer
Food Poisoning Pleurisy Warts
Fungal Infections Pneumonia Yeast Infections

It works as a second immune system:

Taking Colloidal Silver every day is like having an extra immune system. It decreases the load on the body’s natural immune system effectively killing many viruses present throughout the body.

Also, it prevents the toxicity due to the number of germs, viruses and fungi activity that happens naturally in the body. However, tests indicate; that due to the high absorption of silver in the small intestine the friendly bacterium in the large intestine is NOT affected.
This ‘second immune system’ acts parallel to, and independent of the body’s first line of defence.