The information provided on this website should not be for the diagnosis of disease, and/or replacement of professional medical advice. In every instance first, consult your G.P and/or any other certified professional for any health concern that you may have for any Colloidal Silver product listed on the London Colloidal Silver website.

Colloidal Silver

a 500 ml bottle (1/2 litre bottle) of colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver has several possible applications, where only a few of these are listed below as it would be near impossible to inform of every use of Colloidal Silver, however, we hope to cover the most relevant. It is used in wound dressing bandages in the British Armed Forces, US Army and even NASA. If in doubt, medical consultation should be taken from your doctor prior using Colloidal Silver.

What is Colloidal Silver?

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How does Colloidal Silver Work?

In just two months Colloidal Silver can make a real difference!.

Eczema – London Colloidal SIlver is one of the best treatments for Eczema on the market today.

Insects Bites – apply Colloidal Silver two to three times daily, or whenever the itching occurs. Colloidal Silver gives a soothing treatment to bites and stings also preventing further infection.

Burns and Scalding – Administer immediately repeating three times daily. Soothes the skin also promoting healing.

Athletes Feet – Clean feet and spraying/blotting sparingly with the Colloidal Silver. Alternatively, for best results soak feet in a bowl or foot-spa with one part Colloidal Silver and four parts water for half an hour to an hour.

Cuts and Grazes – Use three times daily. Cleans the area and helps stay infection-free.

Sore Throat – Gargling a tablespoon for around two minutes – longer the better.

Rashes – Colloidal Silver on rashes three times daily, gives a soothing effect promoting healing.

Chicken Pox – Colloidal Silver is ideal for Chicken Pox spots reducing itching, promoting healing, also reducing the risk of the spot infection.

Acne <-Click for more info.- Spray or apply Colloidal-Silver to the affected area three times daily.

Sunburn – spray the affected area and repeat at hourly or two-hourly intervals during the first few hours after burning.

Nappy Rash – Apply Colloidal Silver to the affected area.

After Shave – Colloidal Silver makes brilliant aftershave. We are close to releasing a special Colloidal Aftershave which will be of a Sandalwood fragrance, similar in fragrance to the Fahrenheit range.

Pets – Colloidal Silver can be applied to the treatment of animals and birds with skin defects by applying several times daily till relief is achieved.

Trace Element Supplements – Colloidal Silver is popular with many users as a trace element supplement. 5Ml / teaspoonful daily is known to promote great general health and well-being.

Future Products

We are always looking to extend our Colloidal Silver Range, (CLICK TO JOIN OUR MAILING LIST!) including;

Colloidal Silver Cream

We are soon to be releasing a Colloidal Silver Cream, which will be a superior alternative to the argent-um plus – silver MSM cream at a more sensible price. London Colloidal Silver face cream upon release will promote beautiful skin by repairing damage and preventing infections, making it one of the best all-round skin treatments on the market.

Colloidal Silver After Sun Lotion

London Colloidal Silver will soon be releasing a Colloidal Silver-based after-sun lotion which will help the pain of sunburn and protect against future sun exposure. Colloidal Silver has recently been shown by scientists to have good healing on most types of skin inflammation. It has been used for many years in many specialist burns clinics around the world reducing pain, improving recovery times, resulting in less scarring. London Colloidal Silver After-Sun lotion combines these with calendula, marigold, tea-tree, aloe-vera, chamomile extracts and arnica oil giving all-round recovery to sun exposure.

Colloidal Silver Sun Lotion.

London Colloidal Silver will also be releasing a Colloidal Silver-based Sun Lotion of factor 30 and 50 which will have the qualities of top-end sun lotion with the extra beneficial healing and protective properties of Colloidal Silver which will concurrently give an excellent skin treatment.

Colloidal Silver Soap / Shower Gel.

London Colloidal Silver is also developing a Luxury Colloidal Silver-based Shower Gel which will be available in a beautiful sandalwood fragrance. Of the highest quality and will both work as an excellent natural herbal and alternative treatment for many skin conditions.

Colloidal Silver Acne Treatment – We are also developing a specialist ACNE treatment.