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This is our best priced Ionic Silver Product and the best price in the UK, 20 ppm (parts per million) in a half liter quantity of the best quality Ionic Colloidal Silver around, free UK delivery and competitive postal rates world-wide.

All products from London Colloidal Silver are dispatched within 24-hours and carefully packaged making sure your Colloidal Silver Arrives in perfect order.

Because Ionic Silver is tasteless compared to Conventional Colloidal Silver we found it possible to have 20ppm as opposed to the 12ppm Colloidal Silver, without tasting any silver.  We also found 20ppm was the most effective strength to use for Ionic Silver, we are really pleased with this new line and the feedback and results we got back were amazing!

For further information please see our Product detail which also includes our future Colloidal Silver range.