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In Our Previous Article we looked into the COVID-19 SCAM

It has been established that 5g can trigger exosomes and that we have determined that Exosomes are now being identified as “COVID-19”, fear, and stress can generate chemical changes in the body and a form of toxicity which the organisation want to get rid of.

Now if we think about the fear and stress which is being caused by this “Pandemic”, either by people being stressed by being compelled to stay indoors, not being able to work and the thought of catching a virus which is highly unlikely even to exist; people are going to get ill!

Now for the many people who naturally produce and release the exosomes under these circumstances, will also test positive for COVID-19!

Let’s put that aside for the moment and think about another environment which has been proven to release Exosomes!

Electromagnetic Radiation.

5G Causes a much higher rate of EMF than any other radio frequency; it is not as long-range, however, the intensity is much higher. We also need to consider why the people installing the 5G transmitters are wearing these HAZMAT type suits? And why is there such a strong correlation of this “Virus” and the roll-out of 5G?

What is happening is, the death of all people in Europe in 2020 and 2019 are the same. What is happening is people are being diagnosed with COVID-19 from nothing more than flu-like symptoms which can be from any long list of sources!

Does the PCR Test Even Work?

Then the PCR test is brought in which cannot test for COVID-19 as there is not an official test for COVID-19, the test cannot ascertain how much of the virus people have, so there is no right way of knowing how sick we are. This is called Viral load. So people are being tested for this who already have an extensive list of problems.

Another thing to think about is the wording. We only hear that people have Died after testing positive for COVID-19; we are yet to hear that someone has died from COVID-19. This is another area which we agree on, and that it needs paying particular attention to.

Why are there so many people dying in Italy?

One of the questions we hear a lot from people is, Why is the death toll so high in Italy?

chris lewis

Lombardi, where most of the cases are happening, is world-renowned for having very high levels of air pollution. Probably the only downside to not having your town completely de-industrialized like the majority of Europe has ad done. Lombardi’s air pollution is on par with many toxic areas in China. So it is no surprise that the figures are higher.

Nearly 100, 000people died in Lombardi of all causes; in-fact Lombardi is often referred to as the China of Europe. Now if we apply the theory we just discussed to Italy, we are going to see the reoccurring theme of no higher death figures. People are often dying of lung-related illnesses anyway due to the air pollution; in fact, the death toll is no different in 2020 than it was in 2019; there is just the issue of people being told they have COVID-19.

‘How we code deaths in this country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in the hospitals of the Coronavirus are deemed to be dying of Coronavirus.’

Walter Ricciardi

Professor Walter Ricciardi, a scientific advisor to Italy’s Minister of Health has said ‘How we code deaths in this country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in the hospitals of the Coronavirus are deemed to be dying of Coronavirus.’ On re-evaluation by the Institute of health, only 12% of death certificates have shown a direct causality from Coronavirus. In comparison, the other 88% had at least one pre-morbidity, and many at two or three!

99% of people who are alleged to have died from Coronavirus or “COVID-19” in Italy have had at least one and often as many as four other health problems! Now the disturbing thing here is that all the people who died would have most certainly tested positive for having the genetic material in their lungs and are now misleadingly having “COVID-19” placed on their death certificates!

Now to further the hysteria, people are going to visit hospitals with their cameraphones and are finding no-one in the hospitals. All other operations and visits are being cancelled; this would further the deaths of people who are dying because all other areas of treatment are being neglected.

Have Italy been “Social Distancing?”

Another consideration to Italy’s situation is that they have been under isolation for a much longer duration of any other European country, so why are the numbers still going up?

The numbers will go up, with lockdown or no-lockdown for as long as they are testing using the PCR test which even the inventor of the PCR test and we have also established are not fit for purpose! [link to the post check here].

Also, as previously mentioned in my previous article, Italy has the second oldest population in the world.

5G Videos worldwide are showing that it is being rolled out even though it is only supposed to be keyworkers only.

Why is 5G Installation classed as “KEYWORK”?

Arthur Furstenburg who did a lot of research into EMF and wrote a book called The Invisible Rainbow, a History of Electricity in Life. Said in 2018 before the introduction of 5G, he said ‘Every time we have dramatically changed the properties of the Earths magnetic field with technological radiation it has had dramatic effects on health down here on earth!’

And in 2019 up to the “Outbreak” of this “COVID-19”, we had the introduction of 5G rolling out into more and more places. Where was it introduced in the world first? Wuhuan, China. Where the so-called virus was supposed to have generated, now 5G is about 50-100 times more potent in terms of energy than three or 4G, it has been well established that it causes an Immune response which produces the exosomes.

Even Microsofts Former Canada President Frank Clegg stated that 5G poses a significant threat to people’s health. So how can this be some pseudoscience conspiracy theory?

  • Why is it that none of this is challenged in an open debate?
  • It all these points are nonsense, why can’t their theories be debunked?
  • Why can’t these alleged “Cranks” and “Nutters” like David Icke be invited to open debate? Surely if what they are saying is so ridiculous, why can’t they be debunked in the public domain?

I am sure the people mentioned in this article would rather have their theories challenged in public debate, as opposed to having their video content just DELETED from their YouTube channels?

What About Elon Musk?

Elon Musk, and his company SpaceX is going to be deploying around a million ground-based antenna in the USA alone and over 40 thousand of these 5G satellites into orbit, at a relatively very-ow altitude to form his star link broadband constellation.

The FCC allowed this rollout without ANY testing for physical or psychological safety. We are simultaneously getting a report, many people showing video footage of main towns and cities getting 5G rolled out in record numbers in the UK alone.

There are also reports that trees are getting cut down in the UK by the thousands and thousand, this is also down to the roll-out of 5G because trees block the signal. This is not only an eyesore but also damaging to our health. Trees are needed for cleaner air in cities more than anywhere else, so how can this be called reasonable conduct?

Many people in the Leytonstone area have been complaining about getting excruciating headaches like their brain is frazzling, typical symptoms of 5G! These alars were raised way before the significant roll-outs.

This is very worrying!

If the dangers are as bad as many people are waning us, this is potentially VERY serious! Because if this is the thin side of the wedge, the adverse side effects are going to increase dramatically, especially over time!

Is this not being blown out of proportion?

I don’t think so, the same frequencies being used for 5G are the same used by the military for one of their weapons which you will usually see mounted on top of a Hummer jeep to disperse riots and aid crowd-control. The frequency, when directed at a crowd, causes a burning sensation making your skin feel like it is on fire, making people move away within seconds.

Now yes, it will be used at a much higher amplitude than the 5G antennas, but when we consider this is going to be a viable technology for decades to come, evidently a common-sense approach would be to do much more in-depth testing, research and discussions before such a large scale operation is rolled out. If these levels of radiation are in the least bit toxic as people say they are, it can be a severe problem, even for people who are in good health.

Is it crazy to have some democratic mandate before such oppressive and is toxic technology rolled out?

I even noticed when I watched an interview with a retired US Air Force General that 5G is a very concerning technology, based on pricy alone!


One thing for sure is not to be complacent! If half of what we have speculated here is happening, this is only going to get a lot worse, especially if people are going to bury their heads in the sand. Or in this case, in their Social media and Netflix accounts.

Spread the Word!

We need to make sure that we spread the word. Share this article, discuss these points with friends and family members. Share these videos and articles that a lot of work has gone into, and encourage that the people you send these to do the same. Every little help!

Keep a positive mindset.

I am sure you can appreciate that people can make themselves feel sick with worry, so realise that many people are waking up and this is likely to fall to being pushed on the people too aggressively. Make sure you spend time on self-improvement, learning, starting a business which can in some way benefit people in a time like this.

Avoid getting vaccinated.

Start researching how to avoid getting vaccinated, and it may be finding a doctor who will sign you as being vaccinated, many people are unfairly called “Ativaxxers” who will give you some good advice on this. Finding doctors abroad can be an excellent way to do this, as well.

Monitor Where these 5G Antennas Are.

We found a great Resource for Locating 5G Towers where you can see some of the Links which are an excellent resource for finding where the 5G Antennas are in your area or areas you or loved ones spend a lot of time in. We are not advocating vandalism or violence; that is not for us to say, but we certainly advise you take the time to see where these Antennas are and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

How will Colloidal Silver Help Me?

As in our previous article COVID-19 Guide and Can Colloidal Silver beat the Coronavirus, we have explained the benefits of using Colloidal Silver. And we now have more conviction that Colloidal Silver and especially Ionic Silver are worthwhile taking to help you keep your health in order! We found things like his Journal and more to show how Colloidal Silver is effective at maintaining exosomes under control.

5G Protective Clothing and Equipment

We will be posting links to some great places to buy protective clothing and other equipment to help protect you and your loved ones from EMF radiation. We will have this blogpost updated in the next 24-48 hours with this information!

Stay Active.

Being fit, healthy and robust. If we are to be existing in an environment that is harmful to our health, it will pay to be fit and healthy. Health and fitness are not the same things, but they overlap in more ways than most would imagine. It is suitable for our mental health to be fit and healthy.


From what we can get from Dr Kaufman, some very incompetent and unscrupulous individuals have identified people with a high viral load who are naturally producing Exosomes and are diagnosing them with COVID-19!

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