Information on the size of the colloid particles.

The smaller the particles, the more effective the Colloidal Silver. As a result, many manufacturers claim the small size of colloidal silver particles in their products, but the particles are rarely as low as claimed.

What is the size of the colloidal silver particles?

Colloidal Science Laboratory created a report on a variety of sizes for various silver products. When reviewing the Full-Size Reports and comparing the measured particle size values ​​with the statements made by colloidal silver manufacturers, it quickly becomes evident that the size indications are greatly exaggerated. Most Ionic silver products have been found to contain particles in the range of 10 to 100 nm. Silver protein products typically contain large particles in the field of 2000 to 10,000 nm (2-10 microns). Some include particles up to 1000 times larger than their manufacturers claim.

Examples of exaggerated claims of colloidal silver particles:

In any case, the actual particle size is significantly different from the required format (ranging from 9 times larger to 829 times more substantial and even 1500 times larger !) Keeping in mind that the particle size is the most significant determinant effectiveness of the product, these deviations are of fundamental importance.

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Why is particle size important?

The effectiveness of a colloid is based on the surface of the particles. Particle size is one of the main factors that determine the particle surface of a colloid. Smaller particle sizes are more desirable because the smaller the particles, the larger the surface area of ​​the particles. Some products contain particles smaller than 1 nanometer in size.
How to view reports on the particle size distribution

For each product tested and reported on, there is also a detailed laboratory analysis page that can be viewed by clicking on the product name in the comparison table. In the lower right part of the Commercial Products Report page, there is a link to the Full Dimensions Report. Size reports were generated by one of two tools; a Zetasizer or a High-Performance Particle Sizer (HPPS). The reports generated by Zetasizer consist of two pages, while the HPPS report is a single page. For Zetasizer reports, the relevant information is Peak Analysis by Volume found on page two. For reports generated by HPPS, the dimension information is displayed in the Results section, followed by a dimensional distribution graph of the dimensions.

The colloidal surface area table shows the relationship between the surface area of ​​the particles as a function of concentration (ppm) and the size of the particles (nm). To calculate the particle surface of a colloid, you must first determine the particle size distribution. The details of the part size distribution

Learn about Particle Size Reports.

Since the equipment needed to measure the distribution of the size of the colloidal particles is very specialized and expensive, only some laboratories specialized in measuring the physical properties of the colloids will be able to determine the size of the particles present in these products. The manufacturers who sell the products do not have the necessary equipment, and it seems that they count on the fact that the buying public has no way of determining the particle size in the products they buy. Very few laboratories can achieve such measurements.

We are not going to make claims about our Colloidal Silver particle size until we can get independent laboratory tests, these will be coming in the next few months. Based on our customer reviews in the past before our closing, we are confident that our Colloidal Silver is of top quality. We achieve this by doing the following:

Using our water distillers – Many companies buy in de-ionized water or water, which is claimed to be distilled. Still, they have no way of truly knowing the authenticity of if the water is extracted or how well it was done. Many other Colloidal Silver makers also use reverse osmosis filters or other inferior methods.

We have the best Colloidal Silver generators, which are German made and regularly maintained and tested. They continuously monitor the temperature of the water, the PPM (Parts per Million) of the solution and make adjustments to the current to ensure that the solution doesn’t get made too aggressive, which results in oversized particle size. Our solution is continuously mixed at the correct temperature with magnetic stirrers as well.

We have ensured we have ticked EVERY box to make sure our product is as perfect as possible.