“The question is,” how can silver destroy harmful bacteria and yet selectively save good bacteria? “

Chris lewis

“The question is,” how can silver destroy harmful bacteria and yet selectively save good bacteria?” In other words, because Colloidal Silver kills pathogens such as strep, staphylococcus, pseudomonas and yeast.

But Colloidal and Ionic Silver do not destroy our good intestinal flora. Here is why: if this is my silver, and it is in a crystalline complex or structure, this structured silver is significant because it will steal an electron.

So what happens if I take an electron from this bacterium is that it breaks down and the contents escape; the bacteria die. Since this membrane has an electron thickness, it is easy to steal an electron, break it like a water flask and hardly gushes out, the immune system cleans everything up. Now healthy bacteria are different.

When you talk about healthy bacteria, we are talking about bacterial classifications or nomenclatures. This means that a bacterium is labelled by a genus, or by its genetic composition, and therefore by its species. So we have lactobacillus and then acidophilus, which would be an excellent healthy bacterium.

The genetic label, the lactobacillus, all bacteria labelled as the lactobacillus, are labelled because they secrete a milk fat around themselves to protect themselves. So from their inner lining, they emit, as if you were an excretion coating, so what you have is like an M&M, here is the soft milk chocolate and an extra layer around it to protect it from the acid that is in the stomach. See, they are healthy and located in the intestine and need protection from stomach acids.

They learned to do it, evolved or created to be such, causing this milk fat to get around them. Silver is soluble in water. Water and fats don’t mix. They separate. Now, a bacterium with only one layer of electrons around it quickly loses an electron and dies. Still, good and healthy bacteria are genetically different from a second coating.

And any water, or silver, that comes in contact with it will not penetrate the fat. The fatty layer is a barrier to silver that penetrates it. It’s that simple. The same can be said about every cell in your body if it is healthy. All our healthy cells are made up of a lipid bilayer. Lipid, which means fat, bi-layer, which means two.

So every cell in your body does not just have one layer, it has two, and they are made of fat so that water doesn’t get in. The simple answer to why liquids and silver gels do not kill good and healthy bacteria is because they cannot penetrate a double layer of fat.

After all, they are soluble in water, but they easily steal electrons that have only one atom. thick, in the unhealthy and pathogenic bacteria. “


This should be reassuring to people who are worried about damaging good bacteria, especially if they are spending extra cash on probiotic and kefir yoghurt drinks :-).

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